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Waves Collection 2022

The Fashionweek and Diversity Fashionweek

The waves collection is physics inspired. I always want to make something close to myself or my believe and since I am graduated in physics, I wanted to make a combination of my passions.  Couture and High tech techiques such as 3D printing and screen printed led displays which are developed by several partners and engineers. Designs come to live on stage since the light pattern changes based on the movement of the model.

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this Waves Collection:

Schuur Creatons, Gustavo Rafael Caetano, I-AM innovation Center, TracXon, Daniel Escobar Valdivo, Davey van Wageningen, Jeffrey van Pixteren, Toon Lamers, Phoenix Fabrikations, Noa Hooi, Babette Driessen, Sterre Klompenhouer, Nala Admiraal, Indira Draijer, Vanita Hanoeman, Zoe van Kleef, Youra Sangers, Tim van Den Heuvel, Henrieke Meijer, DMA models, The Fashionweek, The Diversity Fashionweek

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