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Couture projects and price winning designs

  • 2021; Finalist of Xiaomi designing contest as a part of The Hague Fashion Week

  • 2021; 1st price (out of 61) at SewINGE catwalk competition

  • 2012; 3rd at pre-limenary finals of Kunstbende

  • 2010; 1st at national finals of Kunstbende, and 1st of pre-limenary finals.

Xiaomi New Fashion Talent competition Finalist

I became a finalist of the Xiaomi New Fashion Talent 2021 competition, and had the honour to present my design at the closure run on the head stage of the The Hague Fashion Week.

Model: Vanita Hanoeman
Photographer: Pasarella Photo
Muah: Kelly van den Berkmortel

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