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About N I C O L E  P L E N D E R  A R T

Embrace diversity

Who is Nicole Plender?

I am a creative centipede. I have many art disciplines such as paintings, etching, clothing (Haute couture, T-shirts, evening dresses, full outfits and underwear), gadgets, furniture, lamps and even natural memorials signs. My field of interest is wide since I have a passion for many sports, I’ve done over 50 catwalk and photoshoot modeling, I graduated in Physics, freelance model scout for Jenphia Models and my professional career is in Project Management in the High Tech industrie. I like to combine my knowledge and interests of different fields in my work, which results in a wide variety of pieces of art, events and skills. 

What’s important to me?

Keep and respect each other's identity. Our beliefs, behavior and character is what makes us unique, which should be embraced. Furthermore I pay high attention and put a lot of effort in a safe and respectful working space and collaboration, in which norms and values are taken into account and people are appreciated for their skills and effort, and there is space for opinions, emotions and creative freedom. 

What I would like to tell the world?

Enjoy the process! It’s not only the end result that counts, you learn a lot on the road and meet new people which should be valued. And embrace your diversity and identity, dare to be different and try out new stuff.

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Shows and Prices

2023 Brussels Fashion Week
2023 Finalist The Fashion Week Talent Award
2023 Culture Award Eindhoven nominee
2022 Diversity Fashion Week
2022 The Fashion Week
2021 The Hague Fashionweek
2021 Finalist The Hague Fashion Week Talent Award
2021 Winner SewInge Catwalk
2012 Kunstbende category Fashion 3rd place at region finals
2010 Kunstbende category Fashion 3rd place at national finals


Bedankt voor de inzending!

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