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T A L E N T  S H O W

The Hague Fashion Week 2021 -The Student Hotel

Here we go.

We’re currently living in a rapidly changing world and hectic times. In this so-called ‘Age of Envy’, our desire for more, new, and perfection skyrockets, fueled by social media channels continuously broadcasting ‘success’. Sadly, these desires are quickly becoming our downfall, in the form of climate change and increasing mental health struggles. 

My collection aims to motivate people to find value in what they already have. With the help of friends and loved ones, I gathered 32 pairs of old jeans that were headed for the trash. By reusing these jeans, I created a number of new and diverse items, some of which have unusual design features, or a rough finish. I hope that these items inspire people to appreciate beauty despite imperfections, and to be frugal with material goods. Sometimes all you need is some help from others, to give something a second life. Take action. Together. Now. Here we go

Here we go - The Hague Fashion week 2021

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