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In 2024, I led a subsidized project for Cultuur Eindhoven, providing young women interested in the modeling industry with invaluable real-world experience through several workshops. The initiative emphasized transparency, a positive atmosphere, professionalism, and a safe space for learning and establishing boundaries, with parental involvement encouraged. My goal was to make a positive impact on the fashion industry by prioritizing these values, creating a memorable and enriching experience for all participants.

The models showcased items from the Memories collection, featuring over 250 ties, each with its own unique story. Some ties were damaged and lovingly repaired, each contributing to the rich tapestry of memories. Although ties are seldom worn today, this collection aims to preserve their legacy with fresh, cool, and feminine designs for the next generation.

I'm thrilled to share that this photo series was nominated for the Mirror Mirror Photography Award and is now published online (! A huge thanks to photographer John Geven, who captures fresh faces with unparalleled skill, and to the entire supporting team for their dedication and hard work.

Fotograaf: @John_Geven - Designer: @nicoleplenderart - Assistenten: en @stephan_janssen_photo  Modellen: @fenne_fashion @lottedgraaf @rosalievantwout @florine.leeuw @x_sanne_esmee_x @carlijnkrijger @juliamatser_ Muahs:  @artiskinnl, @Natali_Hehenkamp

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